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Cluster Analysis in Statistics, all you want to know with answering important questions

وظائف كندا

للمواطنين الكنديين وحاملي إقامة كندا

غير ذلك إبحث عن وظيفة تمنحك فيزا عمل

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You are doctor and looking for a job in Dubai, read this

العاملين بالخارج ومبادرة تنزيل السيارات لمصر

لا تشتري وتنزل العربيات دي

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Everything about Canadian Citizenship, live and work in Canada

Healthy weight, over weight and obesity. How to lose weight?


حقيقة الأخبار المتكررة عن وفاة الزعيم عادل إمام

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إيلون ماسك يطرد كبار المسؤولين في تويتر

شاهد الفيديو

حادث تدافع جماعي في كوريا يؤدي الى وفاة 153 شخص

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حل مجلس الأعيان وإعادة تشكيله في الأردن

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Paralegal Voice

الهجرة لكندا

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إختلاس نصف مليار دولار من الجامعة

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إصابة زوج رئيسة مجلس النواب الأمريكي بجروح خطيرة في إعتداء بمطرقة


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تركيا تنقلب على الإخوان وتدرج هؤلاء المذيعين على قوائم الإرهاب

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السفارة الأمريكية في القاهرة تصدر بيان على خلفية الدعوة لمظاهرات

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Turmeric secrets

सप्ताह का लेख

Turmeric secrets

Raghad Elgamal

By Raghad Elgamal

Turmeric is a rhizome root in the Zingiberaceae family. It is a widely known spice that is used worldwide, known for its flavor and medicinal benefits. It is commonly added to culinary dishes to enhance its flavor, color, and add nutritional value to it. While turmeric is an ancient spice that has been used throughout the years, it has recently gained popularity in North America. As it has gained popularity, it has also been more likely to be subject to the addition of adulterants. Turmeric is considered one of the most adulterated spices due to the high demand of it in the trade market. The most commonly used adulterant is chromate metal dyes, other lower quality wild curcuma species, Sudan dyes, and other fillers uch as ginger, cumin, white pepper and so on.

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How working remotely worsen your mood, undressed for work is sucks!

remote wo

After nearly a year of confinement in home after the pandemic of COVID-19, every one have downgraded their styles and became demotivated to dress good. Even the most polished in the community have drifted to less appealing style. The story started from lower interest in makeup to neglect in dress well at home. The notion of pajama dress code became universal and in even best scenario is have body formal dark blue suit and the lower body half pajama pants or even worse short. Going hand by hand is our psychological wellbeing, Read more

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