10 Top all-year round gifts for 10 persons you like

10 Top all year round gifts for 10 persons you like

10 Top all year round gifts for 10 persons you like

Gift to mother

Pick a cookbook with all your favorite recopies and encourage your mother to use it to try new delicious dished. Ask her to try the Japanese recopies like Udon Noodles, Miso Salmon or Sushi.


Gift to father

Gift wrap a colored box of new tool like drill for your father garage hobby work your father likes.

Gift to your freak boss

Avoid very personal gift like perfume or watch and go general and simplistic gifts like business card box, antique for his or her office or business book. Play safe!!

Your spouse

Ladies, buy car racing game or football game. All men, buy best jewelry and fashionable accessories, of course your wife will not ask for the bill.

Your ambitious work colleague

Buy her/him something to use in office. Here some examples which is unusual and it will be new and make her/him super happy:

  • Screen cleaning spray: it help them keep their smartphone and computer monitor extremely clean. There are many of different screens these days, and with all the tapping and dust it’s hard to keep them streak free and totally clean, but these sprayers help.
  • Desk accessory/smart phone holder: it holds a lot of stuff, and features someone that’s doing the best that they can at multitasking. It can holds roll of tape, and paper. Or simply smart phone.

Your Child’s teacher

This is hard to think of but pencil sharpener or grading colored pens are symbolic good gifts. Teachers spend a huge amount of their time grading assignments, so helping them with that process can be a great gift.

Other peoples’ children

Buy them musical instrument to make their parents happy, but they will not sleep well.


It will be a good idea to let them upgrade their communication by buying them smart phone or tablet to see Netflix movies. Other less complicated idea to create great memories is digital photo frame to display slide show of persons they love.

Last but not least


this will work very well: gift cards especially for beauty, spa and travel gift cards.