Garage sale near me, cash money or earn valuable stuff

Garage sale avoid stress

If you are planning to hold garage sale, you are legally responsible to ensure that the stuff being sold are safe and meet government regulations. Not only that, you have to know about simple stuff but illegal to sell or even to use. The best example illegal stuff is baby walker. Other stuffs are mentioned in government website, look carefully before selling in garage sale especially if it contains very old stuffs.

It is worthy and safe to check recall products to make sure that the looks legal stuff to sale is announced defective and recalled earlier without being informed.

This apply on either new or used products. Canada regulations do not distinguish between new and used products and you should comply with laws and regulation when conducting your garage sale.

Another example of common product selling in garage sale is microwave with damaged door as it cause microwave leak. Lawn darts are illegal to sell as well.

Get these items for garage sale, it brings the most money

Picture frames:

It is required by everyone and the good news is that you cannot differentiate the old from new one.

Artworks and paintings:

The older the painting the better as you may get an artwork of a famous artist. Believe or not it happened more than one occasion where a lucky person bought an artwork for very low price and turned to be very expensive artwork. By time the artist became famous his or her artwork becomes expensive.

Vinyl music records:

The same apply, when buying vinyl music records of rare famous songs. Do you know that there are new vinyl records players? Not expensive vintage records player, check it on Amazon.

Old games:

Old games are great items to flip for cash and get a recent ones.

Vintage antiques:

Those are suitable for antiques collectors and since these products are just for display and not for real use, it is safe to sell and buy. Best examples of vintage antiques are old cameras, gramophones, vintage dishes, old typewriters, vintage clocks and watches.

Fishing rods:

If it is working, you can sell quickly.

Costume jewelry:

Get a foam board to display the jewelry you have. Clean it and avoid any jewelry that might contain lead as it is very toxic especially to children.

Boards games and puzzles:

heavily required these day as other entertainments are not feasible.

Computers and electronics cables and connections:

It sold quickly one you ensure good functionality.

Wood furniture:

Renewed furniture in good condition is in high demand these days people looks for in garage sale.

Best of best to have successful garage sale

Basically you have to decide why you want to have garage sale. Either to earn money or to get rid of stuff you have. You cannot get the two options together. This will determine your strategy of the set up of your garage sale. People are looking for products that are at least 60% off its original price, or they will walk away and you will stuck with unwanted junk. The best idea is good pricing of the stuff you sale and do more price off on second or third day of your garage sale.

What about social distancing?

You have to take all precautions and refer to authorities guidelines before planning to garage sale this days. Have you display tables outdoors rather than inside garage or indoors. Distribute display tables and boards apart keeping enough distance to keep effective social distancing enough to prevent any issues with COVID 19. Follow other protective precautions like gloves and face masks and other local health precautions.

Due factor for success

Due time:

select week end and avoid long week ends as people travel in long week ends

Due price:

Put reasonable price and sell in bundles

Due display

Advertise before and during garage sale is a must. Good display and price tags is a way to success.

Logistics and customer service

prepare bags, bubble sheets, and warping papers fro rapping stuffs you sell to give customers good experience. It will be wonderful if you collect emails for future garage sales. Keep lots of change handy and remember you sell for low price, so you really need a lot of small coins and notes.

At the end of garage sale keep list of price for future sales, best seller prices