How to upgrade your old TV into smart TV

Upgrade tv to smart tv

Transform old TV to smart one

How t o transform you old TV to WiFi friendly to smart one

Fire TV Stick from Amazon

This small stick of size of USB drive transform your old TV into smart TV to watch huge shows and programs, like YouTube, Netflix, etc

I’m here watching my flat TV, but it is little bit old and cannot watch YouTube or any other shows or programs which is present only on the net.

How to solve this problem and enjoy that programs?

  Easy solution:

Here is the solution of this huge problem with very tiny device. The solution came from Amazon. it is Fire tvstick, a device which looks like and same size of USB.

What you need is to stick it to USB in the back of your TV and it depends on your TV it may need you to connect it to power supply of it may take power from your TV USB port itself. The box contain USB cable and remote control and batteries.

How to Install?

After sticking it in USB in your TV it works by itself. You have to follow the instructions appear on the screen.

You have to have Amazon account as you need this account during installation. Therefore, within 10 minutes you will enjoy the entertainment.

What is the cost?

The fire stick cost you from $45 up to $99 depending if is regular one of 4K. Even so, the regular one is fantastic.

Regular or higher

Since you you upgrade an old TV whatever you use for upgrade is better than the current situation.


In remote control there is button where you can use Alexa. You can call programs or channels by voice orders.

Does Amazon Fire tvstick work in all countries?

If you are living in country where it is mentions that Amazon Fire TV stick is not working. You just change the country in Amazon account to USA or Canada. Everything will work very well.

Where to find?

online or in store:

Yes online or in Virgin stores!!

Amazon TV fire stick for upgrade tv to smart tv

This technology is fantastic to convert your old TV to smart TV!!