How working remotely worsen your mood, undressed for work is sucks!

Work remotely

After nearly a year of confinement in home after the pandemic of COVID-19, every one have downgraded their styles and became demotivated to dress good. Even the most polished in the community have drifted to less appealing style. The story started from lower interest in makeup to neglect in dress well at home. The notion of pajama dress code became universal and in even best scenario is have body formal dark blue suit and the lower body half pajama pants or even worse short. Going hand by hand is our psychological wellbeing,

Here came the question if there is correlation between optimally undress and lower mood? Put your comments

Here are some chances of take the advantage to develop use your business through remote working sustainable even after COVID time:

1- It is not to say that remote work is not great. For many reasons, it is an excellent new trend for everyone to take it over. Remote working does allow for a productive work cost-effective business model, and a healthy work-life balance.

2- Keep the daily routine: daily routine consists of waking up early, eating a healthy breakfast, getting some form of exercise and then sit down in home office. I meet with work team and get the ship sailing. It’s a good way of getting into the work flow. When get tired or bored, take a break, do exercise, search the internet or do whatever you like for a time of less than 30 minutes. This usually clears everyone mind as needed prepares to get back into work mode. It’s important to let yourself unplug from work by the evening so that you have a proper rest and get a goodnight’s sleep.

3- Team communication: contrary to the believe, communication is harder with remote working despite of plenty of communication tools.

4- Group communication: team communicates with either work groups or clients, and third-parties via emails, approaching shared folders, and clouds.

5- Group meeting: rely on meeting and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Webex, Skype, Go ToMeeting. As a bonus, many tools also enable other forms of collaborative features such as screen sharing, which makes passing around print-outs a thing of the past. Some of these applications allow sending files and meeting recordings.

6- Time zones: employees work remotely together from two different countries, continents, and time zones. It’s important for remote workers to have a healthy overlap in working hours so that members can work together. Having distributed teams with large time differences will negatively affect team dynamics.

“Remote working is a matter of fit. It needs to be a good fit for the company, and a good fit for the person. This type of employment relationship will only work if both sides are fully committed to making it work”

Would you hate it?

  • In some days not talking to anyone. It gets lonely
  • You might miss everything that happens outside of a formal meeting.
  • Virtual meetings are very casual conversation, no socializing.
  • If you have some issues with my neck and back, it will be a nightmare.
  • People often think of working remotely as being a vacation, but you may feel guilty despite of working a lot of hours.
  • It’s hard for people to trust you. No matter what you do, some people always think you screwing around.
  • You cannot hangout with colleague like visit to his office and just talk.
  • It’s nearly impossible to network from far away. It is easy to loose networking.
  • It’s harder to communicate for some reason. I find that you have to translate everything into visual aids. This eats up a lot of time.
  • Meetings are more boring because there’s often nothing to look at. I can’t just look at the screen and try a lot harder to focus.
  • Sometimes own schedule doesn’t work well
  • Technology, and technology and technology, take it or leave it.
  • Large meetings are often doomed from the start. The larger the meeting the less motivation to engage in the discussion.
  • The comfort time to do meeting is different from one to one, so you might surprise of virtual meeting in unsuitable time.
  • If you lost connection with internet you are out of work.
  • You are away from side discussion, gossips and you might loose promotion or your job easily.

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“Coming to how do I feel about working remotely/ working from home; well, its a bag of mixed feeling, its a feel of love & hate at the same time, its a feeling of safety yet isolation, its feeling of positivism yet uncertainty”.