People & Social Media

Best tool to search Facebook

In a simple way put the first name or full name in the search box at the top of your Facebook page. When you see the result, look to the left panel to see filter where you can chose location, places, posts pictures etc. Select the People tab and you’ll get a list of people with that first name in specific city, with friends and friends of friends listed first where Facebook bring to you the most related person you are looking for.

Reddit, interesting & well regulated social media

Reddit is a very rich social media where there are very strict regulation of different groups on board. For that reason if you have any question, you can ask and put picture of that thing you are asking for. You guarantee that you will get honest and correct answers for your question. On Reddit you cannot comment or like frequently as it looks like spam. You feel protected and secure on that platform.

Tiktok, keep away

This program is very time consuming. Despite the videos are on maximum of one minute and at the end you will not get benefit. No learning except very few. We cannot understand how copy right works there.

How to use Pinterest

Social media in China

Social media in North Korea

YouTube, a lot of secrets