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Marilyn Monroe and Boy friend twin buildings

Marilyn Monroe and Boy friend twin buildings are the iconic image of Mississauga Ontario

Sell your home, is it the right time?

Sell home get get profit is the target of every real estate investor. That is why you have to think of selling and buying home in the proper time.
COVID-19 Hit the market, is that real?
Selling homes never stop in spite of any situations. We all know that COVID pandemic is tough time especially in Canada and GTA, but some people in need of cash and in view of the dark view of the outcome of COVID pandemic, some are thinking of selling their homes (of course it was in their plan before).

Sell or not Sell home?

If you are planning to change the neighborhood, that in your plan to sell your home in Mississauga or in Toronto where there is good market for investing in real estate and planning to move to less price area but bigger home. Sell home with that concept is great idea, because the prices anr not soaring as before, and the real estate market is quiet.

Buy home:

Buying home is great idea if toy have the fund for the following reasons:
Real estate in GTA is calm this days.
Mortgages by banks will be easier because of less competition in Real estate market.
Selling requests are more that before because of COVID-19 pandemic.

Think of it seriously

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Real estate market reports during COVID-19 pandemic

Inspite of the pandemic reports from Remax Canada pointed to the increase of houses priced of 5% in the range from 2019 to 2020 compared to 7% the previous year 2018/2019

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